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Cargo Surveys

  • Cargo outturn / condition surveys

    • For shippers, receivers, or anyone else in the chain we perform cargo condition surveys on arrival of the goods. The purpose of such survey is to confirm the condition and specification of the cargo.

  • Cargo damage surveys

    • The assessment of nature, extent and cause of damage. Essential for this work is a detailed knowledge of the characteristics of the subject cargo and their means of transport and storage.

  • Pre-loading condition surveys

    • In order to establish the cargo's apparent condition before it is loaded on board a vessel or stuffed into a container. We examine the condition of the cargo and supervise the handling, packaging and various other circumstances that may be of importance to minimise the transport and/or storage risk.

  • Containerized cargoes (dry van, flat rack, open top, reefer, flexi tank, …)

  • Infestation of cargoes

  • Loading and discharging supervisions    

  • Loading, stowage, lashing and securing

Specialist Knowledge On Cargoes

  • Hard and soft (bulk) commodities

  • Dry products

  • Perishable goods (fruits, vegetables,…, chilled, frozen)

  • Foodstuffs

  • Paper (pulp)

  • Heavy lift cargoes

  • Project cargo

  • Steel products 

  • Cars, Trucks, Machinery (related parts)

  • CMR


Risk Management

  • Warehouse inspections

    • During these surveys we examine the condition of the facility, the issuing of documents and various other items that are important for the evaluation of the storage risk of the cargo.

  • Risk evaluation

  • Risk prevention

Private investigation services

We work in accordance with the legal requirements under a license of Private Investigator issued by the Belgian Federal Government, Department of Internal Affairs, Board of Private Security.


Private Investigator Services

We also provide services in the field of private investigation.

Our private investigators are in posession of the mandatory licence issued by the Belgian Federal Government Department of Internal Affairs, Board of Private Security.

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